Justin Timberlake Miserable With Or Without Jessica Biel?

03/16/2011 10:15 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Justin Timberlake was miserable. Or, he's miserable now. Somehow, Jessica Biel has got him down. Whether its with or without her is the question.

Timberlake split from Biel late last week, and since, different sources have claimed Timberlake has been upset at different times. Us Weekly reports today that the singer/actor was "aggressively trying to end" his relationship with Biel, and was unhappy for quite a while -- up to two years, one source said.

"You'd be surprised at how soon the love was lost on this one," the friend told the magazine. "Justin said he was miserable."

Timberlake began dating Biel in 2007, and the two navigated breakup rumors in 2009 and gushed about each other just last year. But cheating rumors cropped up around Timberlake, notably with actress Olivia Munn, something Us said the star did not fess up to (if they are indeed true).

Meanwhile, People Magazine has an entirely different version of the story. Contrary to some reports, it wasn't marriage talk that broke the couple up, nor was it the cheating reports. They actually give no reason, but say that, whatever happened, Timberlake is miserable now -- he's without his partner and vacation buddy.

"He was invested in their relationship on a lot of different levels. After four years it's just not easy to walk away from it," a source close to Timberlake told People.

Either Timberlake is saying different things, or he was both miserable then and now.