03/17/2011 09:02 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Before I Graduate College Aims To Help Students Achieve Their Goals

Is Towson senior Steven Weinstein the next Mark Zuckerberg? He may have his finger on the next big thing in social networking: A site designed to help students identify, share and achieve personal goals.

After creating a profile, users of Before I Graduate College can manage their list of pre-graduation ambitions and "cross off" goals that have been met. They can also comment on others' goals and commit to helping them by clicking "Count me in!" or "I can help."

According to a statement on the site's About page, these last two features distinguish Before I Graduate College from other networking sites by giving users "the opportunity to actually do what you want to do through real social interaction."

In an interview with the Towson Towerlight, Weinstein said he'd poured ten months and tens of thousands of dollars into the project. He explained that the idea for the site had stemmed from a conversation with a friend in which each discussed what they hoped to accomplish while they were still young.

Weinstein began developing the site with two friends, Wesley Green and fellow Towson computer major Joseph Furches. With the help of Emagine Web Consulting, the three were able to launch the site before their schoolwork began to pick up. Weinstein hopes that the site will ultimately reach one million users.

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