03/17/2011 02:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan, Naomi Campbell Turn Perp Walk Into Catwalk (PHOTOS, POLL)

The New York Times published an article we've been meaning to write for a while now, declaring the "perp walk" -- a.k.a. famous people's paths into the courtroom -- to be the new catwalk.

Ruth La Ferla cites, of course, Lindsay Lohan's most recent struts after being accused of felony grand theft. Lohan stepped out to the Airport Superior Court on February 9 in a $575, white Kimberly Ovitz sweater dress that sold out immediately. Then Ruth mentions us -- "A chorus of self-appointed style pundits at news and gossip outlets including, The Huffington Post and Us Weekly frowned on her choice as unseemly at best, and unlikely to impress a jury or a judge." Not sure when we frowned, since we read it causes wrinkles. We think we did some smirking, but that's about it.

Someone who doesn't sound too happy about Lohan's outfit choices is Hollywood attorney Gloria Allred. She told the Times, "If anything, [Lindsay's] outfits are alienating. A court wants to feel that the defendant has a proper respect for the gravity of the occasion. I suppose we ought to be grateful that she's not wearing shorts."

And now, because we are seemingly the arbiters of perp walk style, we present with commentary our five picks for the best-dressed perp walkers.