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AP Removes Hyphen From 'Email' In Style Guide

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The Associated Press decided to remove the hyphen from "e-mail" in its Stylebook--the bible for many media outlets--on Friday.

The AP announced the changes at the annual conference of the American Copy Editors Society in Phoenix. The use of "e-mail" was seen as a relic of an earlier age, when the Internet was new to most people and the idea of "electronic mail" was confusing.

The change mimicked a similar one that the AP put in place in 2010, when it decided that "Web site" could now be called "website."

The AP also announced that it is changing "cell phone" and "smart phone" to "cellphone" and "smartphone."

The organization also announced the move on Twitter, writing, "language evolves."

The changes go into effect on Saturday. Copy editors, take note.

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