03/21/2011 09:40 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

17 Funniest 'Dune Snacks' Tweets: From 'Gummi Worm Sign' To 'Frementos' (PICTURES)

Musical comedy duo Paul and Storm launched an addictive twitter meme last week when they started the hashtag #dunesnacks. Within seconds, geeks the world over took to their own feeds to make delicious puns out our of their favorite characters. There were even multiple references to "The Butlerian Jihad," one of the many Dune prequels written by Frank Herbert's son Brian. So, clearly, the hashtag struck a cord with the "faithful."

Here are some of our favorite tweets. One note: as there were many repeats, we did our best to find the first version of any one idea. Many people, for instance, came up with "frementos." We posted the earliest tweet containing the phrase.