03/21/2011 08:46 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cherie Blair: Tony 'Still Excites Me In All Possible Ways'

The Daily Mail caught us up with the toils and travels of Cherie Blair, wife of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in, well, an extremely slanted article about how she frequently ends up "putting her size five-and-a-half foot" in her mouth.

We'll only include the hard facts here and none of the hate. Writes Paul Scott:

Witness [Cherie's] cringe-making comments about her sex life with husband Tony this week, when she told an interviewer: 'We're been married for 31 years and known each other 35, and even now he still excites me in all possible ways.'
Definitely, too much information.

He adds that Cherie has become a frequent user of, where people can use a public platform to set the record straight about any article or bit of misinformation:

She was busy bashing out a peeved response to an 'inaccurate' report in a tabloid newspaper that said she had worn a black lace dress similar to U.S. starlet Hayden Panettiere's at an awards ceremony in Germany.

Hardly a libellous comment, yet Mrs Blair was miffed enough to go online to set the record straight. The female journalist responsible, Cherie wrote, 'must be a man, as no woman could possibly conclude that the two dresses are alike'.

In fact, Cherie also took to the site to take down this very Mail article in question, calling Scott's piece, "offensive, inaccurate and shabbily researched." She doesn't, however, refute the supposed bedroom comments. Sassy!