03/21/2011 03:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Rex Ryan: 'I Feel More Like Babe Ruth'

Can't get enough of Rex Ryan? Well, the New York Jets coach made another intriguing comment when talking to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News.

Ryan, who guaranteed that the Jets will win the next Super Bowl in February, compared himself to Babe Ruth.

"They talk about walk softly and carry a big stick. I love that. I agree with that 100%," he said. "But I guess I feel more like Babe Ruth. I'm going to walk softly, I'm going to carry that big stick and then I'm going to point and then I'm going to hit it over the fence."

Ryan went on to say that both he and Ruth had the courage to make the call.

He has guaranteed a Super Bowl victory every year that he has been the coach of the Jets.

The Jets have reached two consecutive AFC Championship games, but lost in both.