Mayor Bloomberg Will Push For Gay Marriage

03/22/2011 02:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Supporters of gay marriage in New York have a wealthy ally in Mayor Bloomberg.

New York City's mayor said he's up to the task of pushing Republican state Senators to vote in favor of marriage equality.

"If there's a chance to pass a bill, I will do it," Bloomberg told the Daily News. "I'll go lobby."

Bloomberg could hold sway with Republicans because, as the News mentions, "He's been the Senate GOP's largest financial benefactor."

Gov. Cuomo, a Democrat, has also come out in favor of gay marriage.

In 2009, a bill to legalize gay marriage was killed after all Senate Republicans and eight Democrats voted against the measure.

Since then, a poll released in January indicated that more New Yorkers than ever supported marriage equality. Earlier this month, a nationwide poll found a majority of Americans are in favor of allowing same-sex marriage.

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