03/23/2011 01:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sessilee Lopez's Mom Writes Tell-All Book, 'Making A Supermodel'

Janice Celeste, mother of model Sessilee Lopez, recently published Making a Supermodel, a sort of guidebook for parents whose children hope to break into the biz.

Fashionista has an exclusive look at the tome, including several disturbing accounts of the activities that go on behind closed doors. Celeste writes about infamous "models' apartments" -- a system we've always wondered about -- usually comprised of a common area and a small room used to house up to 12 girls:

"Mostly, the models there live out of their suitcases. Sometimes, their personal items will go missing, as the other girls often will 'borrow' personal items from one another without asking. The girl who took the item can easily forget she has it, then unexpectedly be on an airplane the next day to some exotic location for a job. She's gone, and the item she took is gone as well."

We guess we shouldn't be so surprised. She also touches on body image:

"I've seen some life-threatening measures models have gone through to lose weight. Luckily my daughter has never had a weight problem that kick-boxing couldn't solve. I personally know of one model who dipped cotton balls in orange juice and consumed it to feel full. Later it came out that she had anorexia."

Unfortunately, we've heard about the cotton balls before -- that was mentioned in Sara Ziff's "Picture Me" mini-series for The Cut. But it sounds like Celeste's title is a true must-read for those considering the catwalk and their loved ones.