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After Protests, Edgewater School Eases Up On Policies To Protect Student With Peanut Allergy

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EDGEWATER, Fla. -- A Florida elementary school beset by parental protests is scrapping some of the more severe restrictions it had implemented to protect a first-grader with a severe allergy to nuts, such as obliging classmates to rinse their mouths twice daily with water.

Parents were told Wednesday that students at Edgewater Public School, south of Daytona Beach, no longer have to rinse their mouths upon arriving and again after lunch. The school also is easing up on restrictions on classroom snacks, though pupils still must wash their hands and faces at school to avoid introducing nut residue into the classrooms.

The measures were implemented earlier to protect a first-grader who could develop breathing problems from contact with nuts. But some parents protested outside school, saying that the measures went too far.


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