03/25/2011 01:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Friends' Star Courteney Cox Wanted Another Season

She and her cast mates remained best friends, but Courteney Cox wishes they had remained "Friends."

Cox, who co-starred as Monica Geller in the beloved NBC series "Friends" for the show's ten season run, spoke briefly about the 2004 finale while promoting her new "Scream" film. While the show lived for an eternity by TV standards, Cox said she wasn't ready to see it end.

"Ten's a long time, but I wish we hadn't stopped," Cox told E! Online. "It would've been nice to do 11."

As for the storyline, she's not so sure what would have happened. But she's certain that the show is still fun to watch today. "Oh my gosh. I don't know, but I was watching an episode the other and day and it still holds up! Just holds up!"

Cox talked about the issues surrounding a potential "Friends" movie in 2010. "I wish we could do that with 'Friends,'" she said. "The thing is, the characters from 'Sex and the City' hopped all over Manhattan. On 'Friends,' we were always stuck in the apartment and that coffeehouse."

Of course, things have turned out pretty well for the show's alumni. Cox is starring in ABC's hit show "Cougar Town," while best friend Jennifer Aniston is a certified (and now singing) movie star. Cox's on-screen husband Matthew Perry now stars in "Mr. Sunshine," while her on-screen brother, David Schwimmer, is a film director. Matt LeBlanc has a new series on Showtime, called "Episodes," and Lisa Kudrow has had a number of hit films.

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