03/25/2011 12:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Jon Stewart Takes Hypocritical Republican Governors To Task (VIDEO)

The week's final "Daily Show" on Thursday night moved away from Libya and focused on the mean and/or hypocritical actions of some of our nation's Republican governors. Rick Snyder, John Kasich and Rick Scott were high on Jon Stewart's list of GOP govs who have muddled campaign promises or taken insensitive measures on programs for low-income families.

Stewart offered an interesting analogy, that these governors' terms are playing out more like a step-father entering a new family (well, in the movies anyway).

"The relationship between Republican governors and their states has quickly gone from 'happily ever' to one of those creepy, cool-new-boyfriend-to-psychotic step-dad movies."

One of the more ridiculous actions that Stewart mocked was Florida Governor Rick Scott saying he would drug test all state employees when, during his campaign, he said he'd drug test all welfare recipients. This really got Stewart fired up:

"He couldn't decide which worthless, public, teet-sucking leeches he wanted to kick in the nuts."

Maine's Paul LePage was next on Stewart's list for raising healthcare premiums for seniors and cutting food stamps, comparing him to a "weird, mean step-dad" (the weird part? wanting to remove a mural because it was pro-union).

Watch the full clip below to hear Stewart's beef with Ohio governor John Kasich over his wanting to prohibit public employee strikes. Kasich's reasoning, and Stewart's takedown of it, are both highly amusing.


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