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CNN: Atheists Die First In Survival Situations (VIDEO)

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Proving that they will not be outdone by Fox News in the pretty, blonde and vapid talking head department, CNN produced Dr. Wendy Walsh, "journalist, mother, doctor of psychology and popular culture junkie" in a segment about the worldwide decline in religious affiliation.

During the discussion, Walsh dropped this bomb shell:

Most studies on survivors show that the Atheists die first because if you don't believe in something supernatural, how can you imagine that you yourself have supernatural abilities enough to survive?

And she should know about these things. After all, she wrote both The Boyfriend Test and The Girlfriend Test. So it just makes good sense to bring her in on a discussion of life, death and the existence or lack thereof of a divine creator. In fact, we humbly suggest Walsh get to work on The God Test immediately.

As one blogger pointed out, the best response to Walsh so far comes from YouTube commentor, jacobryanball10:

very true, just the other day I was being chased by a bear. Then I realized I should stop and pray. I did just that, then Jesus came down, killed the bear and said "Hey see you again on May 21, or December 12th, or some other time, I haven't quite decided yet." I said "Sweet, I'll bring the water, you make the wine" Then he rode a flying donkey into heaven while waving the American flag chanting "USA USA USA!" I'd like to see THAT happen to an atheist.


This seems like a great time for a poll. If you're an Atheist, take the first one, if you aren't, take the second one. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Poll for Atheists

Quick Poll

In case of emergency:


Theorize a logical reason for the occurrence of said tragedy. Die knowing you get it.

Lament lack of super powers while watching fundamentalist Christians fly to safety.

Cower, panic and pray...better late than never, right? RIGHT?

Poll For People Of Any Religious Persuasion
Quick Poll

In case of emergency:

Pfft...whatever, the god of my choice has my back.

Wonder why the god of your choice has let this happen to you. Die a little ticked off.

Suddenly remember you have super powers and destroy whatever is endangering you with your laser eyes. Praise god of your choice.

Survive disaster, but then wage war against other survivors who have a different god. Die wondering if you should have used your super speed to run away instead.

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