03/28/2011 08:10 am ET | Updated May 28, 2011

Sara Benincasa In 'Michele Bachmann Saves America' (VIDEO)

You might remember Sara Benincasa from her award-winning Sarah Palin Vlogs series during the 2008 election. Fortunately for everyone, the 2012 election is already gearing up to be a 24/7 carnival sideshow of political oddities, and that's just the potential GOP candidates. So Benincasa is back with a new series of Web videos, this time assuming the role of everyone's favorite "fool for christ," Michele Bachmann.

In her first episode of 'Michele Bachmann Saves America,' Bachmann gives us her unique insight into what Jesus wants for us. Spoiler: He wants us to not be gay, and he wants us to have the baby. We've already ordered our WWJD:NBGHTB bracelets!

WARNING: While this video is technically safe for work, it gets a little dark. Don't say we didn't warn you.