03/30/2011 09:59 am ET | Updated May 30, 2011

Hailee Steinfeld In Sleeping Beauty: Starlet Attached To Fairy Tale Revision

Hailee Steinfeld is about to become a princess. On film, of course.

The Oscar-nominated "True Grit" star is attached to a revisionist reimagining of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, Deadline reports, slotted to the play the princess once the spec script is snatched up by a producer. Told from the princess' point of view, the script offers a sweetened "Inception" type plot, requiring her to find her way out of the dream world that she has been cast into.

This would be the second big role Steinfeld has grabbed since her breakout turn as fast talking, revenge-seeking Mattie Ross in the Coen Brothers' hit western. In February, she was cast in "Forgotten," a book-to-film in which she'll play a girl who loses her memory every day at 4:33 pm.

Steinfeld was in the running for the lead in the film adaptation of the hit book series "The Hunger Games," but the 14-year old star lost out to the older Jennifer Lawrence.

In January, her "True Grit" co-star Jeff Bridges talked to Movieline about Steinfeld, singing her praises as an actress.

"It was a very difficult role, I think, for any actor at any age," he said about her "True Grit" role. "She got her tongue around those words, and she made it look easy. But that was a lot of studying and a great work ethic to come up with that. All the skills -- or talents, I guess -- that actors wish they had, she's got them in spades."