03/30/2011 08:35 am ET Updated May 30, 2011

New York Jail Selling Ad Space Directed At Newly Arrested Prisoners

In the continuing struggle to keep at least one advertisement in front of every American, all the time, the Erie County Holding Center, a jail in upstate New York, is now selling ad space on HD televisions, in its detention center, to defense lawyers and bail bondsmen, the New York Daily News reports.

The ads will be visible on two screens, one in the lobby directed at friends and family of the detained and one in the booking area directed at those that have been recently arrested, according to the Buffalo News.

"What do people want when they are in the Holding Center?" Anthony N. Diina, head of a company offering advertising services to the jail, told the Buffalo News. "They want to get out. And they don't want to get convicted. So they want bail. And an attorney. You want to advertise to someone exactly when they want to make their decision. That is the case here," he said, adding, "this is the ultimate captive audience."

The plan comes as nationwide states and institutions are getting very creative with ad space in an attempt to close budget gaps.

In Idaho and California, teachers have sold ad space on tests they give to students in order to raise enough money to buy supplies. In Utah, they're selling space on the exterior of school buses. In California they've considered putting ads on electronic license plates. In Washington, they're considering selling the naming rights of the ferries that ride across the Puget Sound.

Are we neglecting any other advertising opportunities America? Funeral homes? Birth certificates? Toilet paper? Let us know. Maybe we'll save the economy after all, one ad at a time.