Waitress Served Beer To A 12-Year-Old At Glenview Pool Hall: Police

03/30/2011 03:35 pm 15:35:01 | Updated May 30, 2011

Teen drinking is one of those much-decried social ills that's begun to seem almost inevitable. But tween drinking -- that's not one you hear about very often.

Still, it could have happened at a suburban Chicago pool hall last weekend, as a 12-year-old ordered a beer, was not carded, and was served, police say.

Fortunately for the minor's liver, and unfortunately for the proprietors of Premier Billiards and Cafe in unincorporated Glenview, the youngster was not seeking libation. Instead, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, the student was part of a sting operation led by the Cook County Sheriff's office.

Undercover cops followed a group of underage customers into businesses around the area, including bars, convenience stores and liquor stores. Of eighteen businesses in the vicinity of Maine and Wheeling townships, five sold alcohol to minors, according to CBS.

Pioneer Press reports that a separate pair of teenagers entered ten businesses in Leyden Township, four of which served them alcohol. Sheriff Tom Dart says the sting operations will continue throughout the suburbs.

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