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04/01/2011 08:48 am ET | Updated Jun 01, 2011

Arab Uprisings In Cartoons: Jordan Offers Animated Parodies Of Gaddafi, Mubarak (VIDEO)

Uprisings are raging across the Middle East, and some viewers are taking the chance to laugh at once feared political figures.

A Jordan-based entertainment company called Kharabeesh has produced a series of Web-based political cartoons which depict embattled Arab leaders as well as the reform-seeking protesters. Several of the new videos have been among the most-viewed Internet clips across the Middle East.

"We are developing cartoons...that reflect the stories and the imagination of young Arabs all over the place," Kharabeesh co-founder Wael Attili tells ABC from Amman. "We want to be the next Pixar or the next Walt Disney for the Internet [in] the Arab world."

Among the many highlights: a clip depicting Hosni Mubarak singing along to the Britney Spears hit "Baby One More Time" and a reality show parody called "Arab's Got Talent," featuring Muammar Gaddafi competing in stand-up comedy.

"Humor has a power...to reform, and has a power to give us a new perspective on things, to send strong messages to the people," Attili says.

Watch ABC's interview with Attili, along with scenes from Kharabeesh clips, here:

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