'Betwixt The Music': Rebecca Black Tells Her Story To Funny Or Die (VIDEO)

04/01/2011 12:44 pm ET | Updated Jun 01, 2011

It must be hard being an international pop superstar like Rebecca Black. After her song "Friday" hit a couple weeks ago, she's been under nonstop scrutiny from a press trying to find the passion behind her genius.

Thankfully, Funny Or Die has given Black the chance to set the record straight in her own words. Not only did they dedicate their page to Black today, even rechristening the site Friday Or Die ("Friday I'm In Love" with Rebecca Black, Top 7 Days We So Excited For, and more), they let Black tell her story in her installment of "Betwixt the Music."

Listen to Rebecca tell her inspiring tale of realizing she was "kinda" into music as a young child, and then becoming an Internet celebrity as a slightly older child.