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YouTube 1911 Kicks Off April Fools 2011 (VIDEO)

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When the clock struck midnight, most websites looked the same, but YouTube wasted no time in unleashing its April Fools joke to the world.

The site seems to have warped back in time, a century ago to be exact. Those who log in are greeted by hilarious videos going viral such as "The Irksome Citrus," "Buggy Intruder," "Swing Flummox," "Horse & Buggy Crash," and "Flugelhorn Feline." (Watch them below.)

These are all on YouTube's homepage (and there are more 1911 viral hits here). According to Mashable, it's all part of the celebration for YouTube's "100th birthday" (April Fools).

Watch the viral hits below. And be careful, or you might be Ruth Roll'd. You've been warned.


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