04/04/2011 01:47 pm ET | Updated Jun 04, 2011

Katie Couric Admits She Is In Discussions About Syndicated Show

Katie Couric acknowledged to the New York Times that she has been in discussions about a possible syndicated show.

Couric, whose departure from the "CBS Evening News" is all but confirmed, made the admission in an interview with the Times Magazine's Andrew Goldman. The interview was slated for the magazine's next issue on Sunday, but was possibly rushed online on Monday, given the Associated Press' report that Couric is certain to depart from the "Evening News."

The news that she is looking to launch a syndicated show has been just as widely reported as the news that she intends to leave the CBS anchor desk. (Speculation has also mounted that she will be given a permanent slot on "60 Minutes.") In December, Broadcasting and Cable reported that there was considerable interest in a Couric talk show. The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz reported that it was this interest that made Couric more likely to leave the "Evening News."

In the interview, Goldman asks Couric, "it has been rumored that you will host a syndicated show beginning in the fall of 2012, and that Jeff Zucker might be involved."

"We talk a lot and, yes, we've been discussing the possibilities," Couric replies. "That's true." Goldman also asks "what your show would be known for."

"Hopefully for smart conversation," Couric says.