04/06/2011 11:40 am ET Updated Jun 06, 2011

If Pell Grants Are Cut, Colleges May Have To Backtrack On Financial-Aid Offers

If Congress cuts the Pell Grant program's budget this year, many colleges may have to roll back a portion of the financial-aid offers they have made to students for the coming academic year, putting families and administrators in a difficult position, student-aid advocates said at a news conference today.

Congress's failure to pass this year's budget, which has been delayed numerous times since October, has kept the Pell Grant program in limbo. Both parties acknowledge that some type of restructuring will be necessary to put the program on sound financial footing, but lawmakers disagree on the size and scope of the cuts. Proposals include lowering the maximum award, ending the year-round program, and changing the income requirements to reduce the number of people eligible for the grants.

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