Facebook's Open Compute Project Announcement: Follow It Live Here

04/07/2011 01:01 pm ET | Updated Jun 07, 2011

Facebook is hosting a press conference on Thursday starting at 10AM PT/1PM ET to offer a "behind-the-scenes look at the latest technology powering Facebook."

Facebook will be livestreaming the announcement and you can watch it below or via Facebook Live. We'll also be live blogging the news right here. Note: Live blog is not an official transcript, but a compilation of quotes (indicated where relevant with quotation marks) and paraphrased statements.

04/07/2011 2:24 PM EDT

That's all folks!

The event is over. Check out more on Facebook's announcement here.

04/07/2011 2:23 PM EDT

How important is the Open Compute Project?

Malik asked the panelists to compare the innovation and significance of the project.

Panelist Jason Waxman says, "It's like the launch of the Prius. [Facebook is] putting something viable on the map," only in this case, by making the hardware designs open to all, it's "like [Facebook is] showing people how they made the Prius."

04/07/2011 2:11 PM EDT

From the panel discussion:

@ fxnscitech : Facebook Takes Over the World, Part 2: you can buy Dell servers that use FB motherboards.

04/07/2011 2:01 PM EDT

Facebook's introduction to the Open Compute Project

Watch their just-released video, which was screened at the press conference, below:

A press release is available here and an illustrated guide to the tech specs is available here.

04/07/2011 1:56 PM EDT

Zynga's CTO says the company is considering using Facebook's Open Compute Project technology and is "intrigued" by it.

04/07/2011 1:55 PM EDT

Another look at the servers in the data center

04/07/2011 1:52 PM EDT

Facebook: "It's time to stop treating data centers like 'Fight Club' [and time to] demystify them."

An industry panel moderated by Om Malik is kicking off.

04/07/2011 1:44 PM EDT

The original data center design

Facebook's Jay Park said that he sketched the first data center design on a napkin, shown below:

04/07/2011 1:41 PM EDT

A view inside Facebook's data center

The arrow represents the cool air coming down into the data center.

04/07/2011 1:39 PM EDT

There are three key innovations Facebook Prineville data center incorporates, according to Facebook:

1. 480 volt electrical distribution system providing 277 volts directly to each server 2. Localized uninterruptible power supply each serving six racks of servers 3. Ductless evaporative cooling system
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