04/07/2011 09:34 am ET | Updated Jun 07, 2011

Jon Stewart Calls On Fox News' Geraldo Rivera To Lead Libyan Rebels (VIDEO)

Geraldo Rivera made headlines this week after being caught in the crossfire between the Libyan military and rebels on Sunday. The incident, which left Rivera highly critical of any further arming of resistance forces by the U.S. or NATO, left most Americans, including Jon Stewart, marveling at the tenacity, and foolhardiness, of the sensation-seeking journalist.

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Stewart introduced the subject of Operation Odyssey Dawn, the U.S. military's three-week-old bombing campaign in Libya, and proclaimed Rivera's presence in the region as ushering in the conflict's second phase. The segment focused first on Rivera's dogged attempts to throw himself into the melee, even as his crew returned to the car and began to drive away.

But Stewart went on to genuinely, if cheekily, praise Rivera's courage in the face of mortal danger:

Whatever you think about Geraldo Rivera, dude's got major sack...

After watching Rivera bark orders at both his crew and the fighters, Stewart began to speculate on whether the television personality might have a more important role to play in the middle east. Responding to Rivera's comments on the capabilities of the Libyan rebels, Stewart opined that "a charismatic, brave, somewhat narcissistic figure" might be exactly the sort of leadership the Libyans need. He then rolled some goofily-edited footage of "Lawrence of Arabia," featuring Rivera's face superimposed over Peter O'Toole's.

Watch the full-clip, including the "Geraldo of Arabia" trailer, below.