04/07/2011 01:30 pm ET | Updated Jun 07, 2011

Rachel Maddow Tears Into Beltway Media For Paul Ryan Budget Coverage (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow lit into the media for what she saw as their fawning coverage of Republican Congressman Paul Ryan's budget proposal.

Speaking on her Wednesday show, Maddow said that Ryan's proposal was dangerous and full of shoddy math--but that the media was too interested in his physical fitness and supposed "seriousness" to look critically at the plan.

"If the Beltway media could stop making out with Paul Ryan for long enough to look at what's actually in his budget proposal, they might notice that some of the important numbers in it appear to be made up," she said.

Ryan has received substantial positive press coverage for his plan, including on Maddow's own network, where a "Morning Joe" panel lavished the congressman with praise. Maddow, though, cited economists who contended that the budget would increase the national debt and hurt the poor and the elderly. She then further criticized the media:

"I doubt that actual numerically based fact based information will penetrate the smoochy smoochy love bubble surrounding Paul Ryan right now...there's this cult of him being brave and bold and doing this difficult workout every morning. What he's just introduced is not a feature on grit versus glamor in today's GOP. It is not a pinup. It is not the brave story of a strong boy in a tough environment. It's the official Republican Party budget for 2012, and the numbers in it are so wrong they are occasionally funny."


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