Bret Baier Part Of Fox News' Next Generation

04/08/2011 05:23 pm ET | Updated Jun 08, 2011

The 40-year-old Baier -- an anchor pressing presidents and crisscrossing the globe to interview foreign leaders and military chiefs -- finds himself at the forefront of a new generation of stars at Fox News. His show is often the second-highest-rated in cable news, behind Fox's O'Reilly Factor, with roughly 2 million viewers a night. But he still finds himself confronting some familiar and lingering questions about the network.

Like fellow Fox anchor Shepard Smith, Baier is presented by executives as evidence of the network's fairness in its news coverage. Fox's generally conservative opinion hosts have had plenty of tough words for the president, as well as his Democratic and liberal allies. (Glenn Beck, the most conspiracy-minded and conservative of them all, will no longer be among those hosts: His evening show will come to an end in a few months after he alienated major advertisers and his employers at Fox.)


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