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The Moment I Knew: Essay Contest Winners

Huffington Post     First Posted: 04/11/11 07:50 PM ET   Updated: 06/08/11 06:12 AM ET

In anticipation of our 'Moment I Knew' Meetup events in Los Angeles and New York City--and all throughout the country, through partnered with to solicit essay submissions for our contest. Two readers--one in Los Angeles, and the other in New York--were chosen to read their essays at our events, but other fantastic submissions warranted publication as well. Below, our contest winners.

Stephanie Urdang
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Writer Stephanie Urdang's writes about . "The roof recently sprang a big leak in the bedroom, a perfect metaphor for our broken marriage. Jeff was famous for knocking down walls, building extensions, and never finishing anything. His maniacal creations left our house cold, wet, and breezy. If it warmed up and the ice melted, as was predicted, there would be a steady drip, like water torture, right over our thirty thousand dollar bed," she writes.

Read the full piece here.
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