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Maddow Takes Aim At Mitt Romney's Campaign Logo, Slogan (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow took delight at Mitt Romney's new presidential logo--and at what she called "the clawing, keening, desperation ballad that is Mitt Romney's permanent campaign for president."

Romney announced the formation of an exploratory presidential campaign committee on Monday ("yeah, surprise," Maddow said sarcastically). He also unveiled a new logo and slogan. Maddow examined both in detail on her Monday show.

She cited HuffPost Hill, which compared the logo to that of a toothpaste. She said her intern had also compared it to the logo for Girl Scout cookies. This, she opined, seemed like a capital idea, if only because Romney's slogan, "Believe in America," happens to be the same one as fellow Bay Stater John Kerry used in his 2004 campaign.

"If you want to steal John Kerry's presidential slogan from not even eight years ago, you better come up with something delicious and compelling to block thoughts of Senator John Kerry from the minds of Republican primary voters," she said.


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