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America's Foreclosure Ghost Towns -- Photos From HuffPost Readers

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 04/15/11 02:40 PM ET   Updated: 06/13/11 06:12 AM ET

Since 2007, news of the foreclosure crisis has been nearly constant. Recently, the at-times bombarding reports of unscrupulous banks, unfair foreclosure proceedings and expected increases in foreclosures make it easy to forget what all this bad news actually means: real families are being forced to abandon their homes.

The housing crisis has been well documented by professional photographers in foreclosure hot spots like Detroit and Las Vegas. But is there evidence of it elsewhere? Two weeks ago the Huffington Post asked people across the country to send in photos of homes abandoned by foreclosure in their own neighborhoods.

Within minutes after posting, responses from across the country came pouring in. An empty swimming pool in Lancaster, CA, a factory with smashed in windows in Connecticut, even a sunken boat in Florida, all drove home the sad reality that the foreclosure crisis isn't just something we read about online or see on TV: it's happening to real people in real communities throughout the country.

Below are some of the most disturbing images of the foreclosure crisis from the very neighborhoods of Huffington Post readers.

Is the foreclosure crisis affecting your neighborhood or city? Send us your best photos and they'll be included in this and other HuffPost galleries!
Photos From America's Foreclosure Ghost Towns
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Chicago- Englewood Neighborhood
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Many of Chicago's working class neighborhoods have become ghost towns as a result of banks' predatory loans and foreclosures coupled with city and state governments' refusal to enact meaningful legislation to combat the housing crisis. These vacant buildings left behind after foreclosure attract crime and are an eyesore for residents of the once vibrant Englewood community.
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