04/13/2011 05:41 pm ET | Updated Jun 13, 2011

Norm MacDonald: 'Tiger Woods Is The Most Faithful Man Who Has Ever Lived' (VIDEO)

"Sports Show with Norm MacDonald" premiered on Comedy Central Tuesday night, and while the series will probably go over best with people who are fans of both MacDonald's wry, disjointed charm and sports, there were enough jokes that could be enjoyed by the non-ESPN-viewing types as well.

The "What the H" segment, which appears to be "Sports Show's" version of a recurring "rant" piece, offered the best moment of the night. In it MacDonald addressed Tiger Wood's lack of mojo during the Masters, attributing his poor performance to "us" still being in his head. MacDonald then went on to explain that when you look at Woods' philandering mathematically -- the number of opportunities to cheat vs. the number of times he actually cheated -- he is technically the most faithful man to ever live.