Tim Devereaux, 9, To Send Marshmallow Peep Soaring At 90,000 Feet For Charity (VIDEO)

04/13/2011 05:35 pm ET | Updated Jun 13, 2011

We've made such strides as sending robots to space and even Tweeting from the International Space Station. Now, an Arizona student will send a Peep -- those everlasting marshmallow treats -- into the upper atmosphere.

As part of his science project and as a way to raise money for charity, 9-year-old Tim Devereaux will send a Styrofoam container holding the Peep, a GPS tracker, Smartphone and camera into the stratosphere, KGO reports.

Devereaux, a fourth-grade student at Laguna Elementary School in Scottsdale, Ariz., wants to see if the low pressure will make the infamously indestructible treat expand.

The Peep, which purportedly has a shelf life of two years, will be attached to the outside of the container that has a hole for a camera to shoot pictures through every five seconds. Inside the container, Devereaux even placed a foil coffee can lid to act as a radar deflector, he tells KPHO.

"We have this metal disk so that the planes can not run into it."

The Styrofoam cooler will be attached to a helium-filled water balloon. After reaching 90,000 feet, the balloon will burst and deploy a parachute, easing the apparatus back to Earth, according to KPHO.

Devereaux is using the project to raise money for the Ryan House in Phoenix, which supports children with life-threatening conditions and their families. He's selling "seats" onboard the cooler. For $5, he'll put your photo inside the cooler, but for $25, he'll put your photo on the bottom, KPHO reports.

"That's the VIP."

He's calling his project NAFA, the National Aeronautics Face Administration.


Help the children and families supported by the Ryan House, Devereaux's cause, by clicking below.

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