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Oscar De La Renta Bridal 2012: Pants, Fur & (Some) Color (PHOTOS, POLL)

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 04/15/2011 11:22 am   Updated: 06/15/2011 5:12 am

'Tis the season to get hitched, and not just because Kate Middleton said so!

The New York fashion community just held Bridal Week 2012 (yes, 2012 -- designers know brides-to-be need that long to plan) and we'd be remiss in our slideshowing efforts if we didn't share Oscar de la Renta's newest collection with you.

The man covered all of his sartorial bases, including pants (we're breaking to applaud as we type), subtle color, ruffles, shrubbery, short skirts and even fur and sheer fabrics, if you're into that sort of thing.

Take a look and tell us which dress you'd wear to the wedding of your dreams. Which, okay, might be happening April 29.

(Photographs courtesy of Oscar de la Renta)

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