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Charlie Sheen A Birther: Doubts President Obama's Birth Certificate

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Charlie Sheen brought his violent torpedo of craziness to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, adding political controversy to his derided stage show.

In addition to his usual rants about porn stars, his ex-wife, "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre and #winning, Sheen addressed his beating Sarah Palin, or, as he called her, "that lunatic from Alaska," in polls with political independents, as well as the ongoing Tea Party fascination with President Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate.

Talking about a possible presidential run -- Sheen defeated Obama amongst GOP voters in the same polls as his victories of Palin -- he mused about the idea and then hit the birther sweet spot.

"For starters, I was f**king born here, how about that? And I got proof! Nothing photoshopped about my birth certificate," Sheen said; the Washington Post reports that the comment elicited mostly cheers.

The comments came during a highly emotional night for Sheen. Earlier in the day, he was in Los Angeles, seeking full custody of his young twins from ex-wife Brooke Mueller, a request that was denied by a judge.

According to TMZ, the audience largely poured out of the venue before the show ended. Of course, that's not the first time that's happened. While he garnered goodwill (though perhaps much of it was facetious) from fans following the epic, public meltdown that saw him kicked off his TV show, fans have in many places rejected his show, including in an night of near mutiny in New York.

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