04/20/2011 06:00 pm ET | Updated Jun 20, 2011

Cindy Crawford: I Feel Like An Outsider Now

Wow! Two Cindy Crawford interviews in one week? Yes, please.

The supermodel previously gushed to "Access Hollywood" about her sex life and doing it in her guesthouse. She also spoke to Parade magazine about everything from her new Propel Zero commercial to her family to aging. Here are a few excerpts...

On the current state of the modeling industry:

"I do feel like an outsider now, but I just saw the CoverGirl commercial with Taylor Swift and I thought, 'Wow, it is so hard for models to get a job these days.' You have to sing and act, too. There doesn't seem to be as much work specifically just for models. And I also think when I was modeling, size 6 was a normal size and now it's like 2 or 0."

On her Most Beautiful title by People Magazine in 1993 -- a title recently given to Jennifer Lopez:

"It's very flattering, but I'm a woman before anything else and I have my insecure days. It's nice, but you also know that next year it will be given to someone else. You kind of take it with a grain of salt."

On getting older:

"I don't look the same as I did 20 years ago, nor should I. Sometimes I get that little pang, like 'Oh, bummer, I wish I did.' But at the same time, I see my children and I see them growing up and I look at my husband and the marriage that we've worked on and have together, and if all that is good and working, it's a lot easier to be kind to your little fine lines or where gravity's gotten the better of you."