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Emma Watson Teased, Taunted At Brown: Report

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It certainly is not easy being the smartest girl in both fictional and non-fictional school. Sources tell the New York Daily News that Harry Potter star Emma Watson may have had a good reason to leave Brown University: her classmates constantly teased her with Harry Potter references.

The Daily News reports:

Watson didn't shy away from class participation and often would "answer something in class and get it right," calling the 21-year-old actress "really smart." Unfortunately, this brought out the sophisticated wit and cinematic expertise of her Ivy League peers.

According to the source, her classmates "would respond [to her answer] with a quote from 'Harry Potter.'" The most popular choice was "Three points for Gryffindor!" - a reference to the movie's dormitory system, and a congratulatory phrase in the films when a student got a correct answer.

In a Vanity Fair interview last year, Watson described her first days in college as "awful." "I was like, I must be mad," she said. "Why am I doing this?"

The young star eventually appeared to find her footing at Brown, acting in a Chekov play and taking European women's history courses.

Read the full scoop on Watson's brief collegiate career over at the Daily News.

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