04/21/2011 09:31 am ET | Updated Jun 21, 2011

'The Change-Up' Trailer: Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman In New Sex Comedy (VIDEO)

When the entire premise of a screenplay revolves around Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman peeing together in a fountain that gets struck by lightening, it's clear a film is on its way.

Reynolds and Bateman are the latest stars to do the married man/single man switcheroo, starring in "The Change-Up," a raunchy comedy from the writers of "The Hangover" and the director of "Wedding Crashers."

Reynolds plays the perpetually single, perpetually sexually occupied guy, with a long roster of women and an even longer list of sexual positions, including the Pastrami Sandwich. Bateman, as he does so often, takes on the role of the straight man, a business executive with wild kids and a gastronomically-challenged wife in Leslie Mann.

When the two meet up and discuss their respective yearnings for the others' life, they get exactly what they wish for, as a wish into a fountain and a well-timed lightning strike switches their bodies. Reynolds and Bateman, to the viewer, continue to appear to be in their former lives, but now act entirely different; the premise is that, to their on-screen friends, one looks instead like the other.

The film, which hits theaters August 5th, will be a second big summer movie for Reynolds; he's headlining the comic book adaptation "Green Lantern." Bateman also has another summer film; he'll be in the workplace comedy "Horrible Bosses" with Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day.