04/21/2011 09:01 am ET | Updated Jun 21, 2011

Will Ferrell Continues To Torment Conan With Beard Threats (VIDEO)

Once again, on Wednesday night's "Conan" Will Ferrell intercepted a clip to bring Conan O'Brien a threatening message. After we were promised a hilarious Richard Simmons video, the feed suddenly cut to Ferrell in his hotel room, heckling Conan and promising to cut off his beard when he appears on the show May 2.

"Hey Conan! No one wants to hear your stupid coemdy goof-ups," Ferrell taunted, adding "I'm going to mount that beard in my game room like a 9-point buck."

This time he even went after Conan's Ginger-ness, and insinuated that he's also going to eat the beard when he's done cutting:

"You know what they call your people in England, Conan? You're a Ginge! You're nothing but a dirty Ginge! And I've got a taste for Ginge beards."