Bike To Venice Beach From Echo Park

04/22/2011 05:11 pm ET | Updated Jun 22, 2011

Story courtesy of City's Best.

By Katie Bain

For cyclists, Los Angeles is still the wild west. Our city is dominated by cars, and if a cyclist ventures out without a proper route prepared, the chances of ending up frantically peddling down a bus lane with fingers crossed while uttering a Hail Mary are high. That is to say, biking here can be treacherous. Don't let this stop you. It's totally possible to cycle L.A., and with gas prices now at $4.25 a gallon, it's the most financially efficient option as well. Mother nature will also thank you--look, you just did your green thing for Earth Day, which is Friday, btw.

This trip will take about an hour and a half, and is the best route for getting from Echo Park to the beach:

Bike From Echo Park To Venice
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