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Bradford County Fracking Spill Stopped After Two Days Of Leaking Chemicals In Pennsylvania

Fracking Spill Bradford County Pa

04/22/11 08:15 AM ET   AP

CANTON, Pa. -- Workers have stopped the flow of drilling fluids from a natural gas well in rural northern Pennsylvania that leaked the chemical-laced water for two days following an equipment problem.

Chesapeake Energy Corp. says the drilling fluid leaking from a well near Canton in Bradford County was stopped Thursday afternoon.

Thousands of gallons of brine water used in the hydraulic fracturing drilling operation leaked from the out-of-control well following the equipment failure Tuesday night. Some of the drilling fluid crossed farm fields and entered a stream, but company officials say there was minimal environmental impact.

The cause of the equipment failure hasn't been determined. Chesapeake suspended some operations while the spill is investigated.

Critics say hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, could poison water supplies. The gas drilling industry says it's safe.


Filed by Travis Donovan  |