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Animated Google Doodle Celebrates Earth Day (VIDEO)

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It's Earth Day's 41st birthday, and Google is celebrating the occasion with a colorful animated doodle. Running your mouse over the illustration's playful animal characters brings the scene to life.

Earth Day was founded in 1970 as an effort to raise awareness about the environmental concerns the world faced. Though it started in the U.S., it's now celebrated in over 175 countries.

Outside of doodling its appreciation, Google has always demonstrated its commitment to green initiatives, pledging to go carbon neutral in 2007, investing in solar energy and working to make its data centers more energy efficient. Recently, the company made a $100 million investment into a wind farm.

Google's doodle displays an idyllic paradise filled with happy little penguins, lions, koalas, fish, frogs, birds frolicking in their respective natural environments. The logo itself is mostly obscured, but the image of a lushly biodiverse planet stands strong.

Watch a video of the animated logo below:

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