04/22/2011 09:39 am ET | Updated Jun 22, 2011

Narrative Magazine's Friday Feature: Seven Deadly Sins (VIDEO)

Narrative Magazine: Apathetic sex, the sloth of creative obsession, a poetic envy of Canada--in the video recorded during Narrative Magazine's event at San Francisco's Litquake festival, the Seven Deadly Sins receive a truly contemporary treatment by a group of generous and passionate writers. Charlie Haas gives us a character quietly affected by a tendency toward meaningless violence, Tom Barbash shows an adolescent struggling to come to terms with the death of his mother, Melanie Gideon probes the layers of family and cultural traditions, Matthew Zapruder inquires into the death of iambic pentameter and today's unemployment rates, and in her story Kara Levy creates a twisted sexual relationship that cinches all seven sins together into a single piece.

Introduction by Carol Edgarian:

Kara Levy reading from "Transplant":

Charlie Haas reading from "The Enthusiast":

Tom Barbash reading from "The Women":

Melanie Gideon reading "My Ah-ha Moment":

Matthew Zapruder reading poetry selections:

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