04/25/2011 07:49 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2011

India Hicks, Princess Diana's Bridesmaid: I'm Wearing Victoria Beckham To The Royal Wedding

India Hicks, one of Princess Diana's bridesmaids, didn't have much say in what she wore to the 1981 nuptials -- frilly, poofy, pillow case frocks for all! -- but the model-turned-author-turned-interior designer revealed to the Wall Street Journal what she'll be wearing this time around for Prince William and Kate's turn down the aisle: Victoria Beckham.

Hicks didn't give any specifics on the design, and actually didn't say much else other than, "I love Victoria Beckham." But now, we're wondering exactly how many people Posh Spice will be dressing for the affair. She'll also be in attendance, you know. Read the rest of the Official Royal Wedding Guest List (TM) here.

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Some other gems from the WSJ's sit-down with Hicks:

  • I'd liked to have lived as Cleopatra. She didn't take any crap from anyone, had lots of children out of wedlock, was intelligent and witty, known for her abilities and was a good stateswoman. I like most that she didn't take any crap.
  • My fondest memory from Diana's wedding is the King of Tonga passing me boiled sweeties down the aisle of the cathedral. He sat in a special big pew because he was rather large.
  • A woman I'd love to have wear my jewelry is Michelle Obama—while she's on TV. That would help me sell a few.
  • The most rebellious thing I ever did as a teenager was drive to Italy from England at 17 without my license. I was going to meet Emilio Pucci and when I arrived he made me model all of his catsuits.

Pucci made you model catsuits? Oh, to live your life India Hicks. Read the rest at

India Hicks in 2009, not in a catsuit:

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