Whoopi Goldberg 'Pissed' Over High Gas Prices (VIDEO)

04/25/2011 05:33 pm ET | Updated Jun 25, 2011

Whoopi Goldberg is really, really mad about the high price of gas, and she let viewers of Monday's "The View" know it.

"I am really pissed about how the price of gas keeps rising," she said, adding that the spikes were happening "not every month it's every damned day!"

She then brought on ABC reporter Jim Avila to, in her words, "calm me down" and explain why gas prices were rising. But she didn't seem that calm as she banged on the desk and asked Avila, "why? Why?" Unfortunately, Avila could not comfort Goldberg, as he said there was "no rational reason" for the spike, except that worried investors were driving it up by buying more and more oil futures. He said it was "very doubtful that the prices are going to go down" any time soon.

"So what can we do?" Goldberg asked. "Because if there isn't a shortage, why the hell are they doing this to the aAmerican people? This is so beyond unfair! ...They bent us over one more time. What the hell, man?!"

As the audience cheered, she said, helpfully, "I'm mad!"