04/28/2011 02:47 pm ET | Updated Jun 28, 2011

Read Magazine, Ophelia Project Present Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing' On Facebook

Time to switch your profile language to "Ye Olde English."

Weekly Reader's READ Magazine and social health nonprofit The Ophelia Project partnered to present what might be the first-ever Facebook performance of Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." Actors based on characters in the play are posting profile updates and chat logs that retell the play's plot with a modern twist.

The organizations say they selected that particular play because it deals with themes of bullying and tarnished reputations -- something many high school students are experiencing with Facebook. Griffin Taylor, who is performing the role of "Claudio", told Mashable:

"I’ve heard plenty of stories of how kids were harassed or hurt by things that were said because it’s so easy to put up a little status or say something… To be in a place where [cyber bullying] actually happens; you’re advertising at the scene of the crime.”

Today is the last day of its performance. Watch the grand finale on your news feed by "liking" all of the characters on your personal Facebook account. To check out what's been going on over the past two days, the performance's Tumblr profile keeps all the actor's posts in chronological order, so you can read it at your leisure.

Oh, and if you're not familiar with "Much Ado About Nothing," educational publishing company Flocabulary prepared a rap video introduction -- complete with Shakespeare performing some sweet dance moves.