04/28/2011 04:24 pm ET | Updated Jun 28, 2011

Michael Scott's Worst Impressions: Vulture Says Goodbye With Epic Supercut (VIDEO)

Steve Carell's final episode of "The Office" is upon us, meaning Dunder Mifflin must now operate without its quintessential leader Michael Scott, for better or worse.

To say goodbye, Vulture has put together this comprehensive supercut of Scott's myriad impressions, specifically, the worst ones of all time. From MacGruber to Willy Wonka to Johnny Carson and more, Michael Scott truly had a penchant for butchering every impression possible.

While you can still tune in to "The Office" until the finale in May, tonight's final episode with Scott will definitely be one to remember. And to Vulture, for making this tribute, we say "Thank you, thank you a lot."