'Sleeping Beauty' Poster: Emily Browning Goes Nude For Cannes Poster (PHOTO)

04/30/2011 10:41 am ET | Updated Jun 30, 2011

Don't expect to see this one get its own ride at Disneyland anytime soon.

Emily Browning goes tastefully nude in the new Cannes poster for her Jane Campion-produced film, "Sleeping Beauty." There's no maiden in desperate need of a prince's kiss, though; Browning plays a girl lured into a world of secret prostitutes, who is convinced to take a drug that makes her comatose as clients fulfill their most twisted sex fantasies.

Browning, most recently of twisted fantasy film "Sucker Punch," landed the role after a real Disney princess, Mia Wasikowska, turned it down. Nice pickup for Browning; it looks like it could be an indie coup.


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