Barbara Evert, Englewood Woman, Dies In Grand Canyon Fall (VIDEO)

05/02/2011 01:26 pm ET | Updated Jul 02, 2011

A 77-year-old Englewood woman was killed last week during a river outing in the Grand Canyon.

The Denver Post reports that Barbara Evert, a member of the Colorado Mountain Club, was hiking "down the Grand Canyon's Tabernacle Route near Upper Rattlesnake" when she fell more than 100 feet. She died instantly.

A river trip guide called park rangers and they dispatched a helicopter to the scene to return the body to the South Rim.

"My aunt was an amazing woman who was still, at 77, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, bicycling and hiking," her niece Megan Wilhite, told 9 News.

Evert was a math teacher at Englewood High School before she retired, where she inspired her students to enjoy the outdoors.

"She was an adventurer," friend Karen Hickey told the Post. "I called her a Colorado classic. She's a classic lady."

WATCH 9 News' coverage of Evert's death here:

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