Mark Haines Tears Up On 'Morning Joe' (VIDEO)

05/02/2011 12:03 pm ET | Updated Jul 02, 2011

CNBC anchor Mark Haines teared up Monday morning while discussing the killing of Osama bin Laden on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

Haines appeared to discuss the financial markets' "positive but muted" reactions to the news (while cautioning that there was no way to directly tie any market behavior to bin Laden's death), but he grew emotional when discussing what the news meant for him and others on Wall Street who lost friends and colleagues in the September 11th attacks.

"It's kind of an emotional day down here on Wall Street as well," Haines said after reading a statement from the CEO of Cantor Fitzgerald, the firm that lost over 600 employees in World Trade Center attacks.

"I'll be honest, I'm tearing up about this," Haines said. "But it's a great day."


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