05/03/2011 06:06 am ET | Updated Jul 03, 2011

Anna Faris In 'The Dictator': Star Wins Role In Sacha Baron Cohen Movie

Anna Faris has won the right to teach and romance a Saddam Hussein-like dictator. Which is a much better prize when it's revealed to be for a film, and that the dictator will be played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Faris is in talks to play the female lead in "The Dictator," Baron Cohen's film about a Hussein-like dictator who gets secretly replaced by a lookalike goat herder and now must find new meaning in a life in New York City. The movie, which is inspired by "Zabibah and the King," a book about a benevolent dictator that was revealed to be written by Hussein himself, will feature the "Borat" star as both the dictator and herder, and Farris as the NYC organic store owner who opens his eyes to new possibilities.

Just last week, it was reported that Farris was one of three leading candidates for the role, with "Bridesmaids" star Kristen Wiig and "Community" actress Gillian Jacobs also under consideration. Once her deal is signed, it'll be a big move for Farris, whose stock is rising in Hollywood. This summer, she'll take the lead in her own romantic comedy, "What's Your Number?," which will see her run through a gamut of major stars as ex-boyfriends.

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