05/03/2011 09:51 am ET | Updated Jul 03, 2011

Kirstie Alley Has Breakdown On 'Dancing With The Stars' (VIDEO)

Kirstie Alley had an emotional confrontation with her 'Dancing' partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, when he pushed her in rehearsal to "move her a**" more quickly.

"I need a break!" she cried before flailing around on the floor. "You scream and jump around and I'm frustrated."

Later Kirstie admitted that the pressure Maks puts on her helps because it "makes her take it up a notch." But when it came to the performance, the judges found Kirstie's jive entertaining at best.

"It was fun, it was high-energy, it was playful. You're an actress so you come out and you act every dance beautifully," Len Goodman said. "But as a jive, it was most uneventful as far as I was concerned. I can find very little to commend it."